3D Glassware

I am currently experimenting with shadow caustics with glass material in Blender. This example shows how light would filter through blue glass, which produces a colorful shadow refraction.

Prototype Game

I prototyped a Zelda/Animal Crossing design using Blender. Prototyping helps me imagine concepts before dumping billions of hours into a gamedev idea that isn’t very fun.

Terraria Models

2D Terraria characters reimagined in 3D.

3D Characters

I like making 3D profile pics for my friends.

Boxel 3D

Boxel 3D is a game that was designed and developed with ThreeJS, a 3D software made for web rendering. I built this game for the Chrome Webstore and it is available to play online now.

Kargoh Model

I designed all the artwork for my little brother’s Twitch stream. This is what his little set up looked like behind the scenes.

Gold Cubes

Gold cubes made with Blender.

Moog Grandmother 3D

Based off the 2D graphic, I recreated the Moog Grandmother in the 3D world using Blender.

Kargoh Cube

This 3D animation was designed with Blender, and used for Kargoh’s Twitch channel notifications. Any time someone subscribed or followed, this bad boy would appear.

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