2006, 2020

Campaign Mode

The first 10 levels are finally in development! Now that the game physics are feeling more polished, I can start working on building levels with the fully-featured level editor.

The most important factor for Boxel level design is experience. When I design a level, I want players to learn a new skill without spoiling the solution. For example, the first level will probably teach you how to click and jump. Failing to do so will result in the player falling off the screen. The next few levels will introduce the spike blocks at different heights and speed. Eventually, the player will learn how to interact with all the blocks, and muscle memory will begin to take shape.

When the game enters alpha, I expect players to be hungry for more difficult levels. This will hopefully cause players to build and share their own levels. The Boxel community has inspired so many creative ideas, and I look forward to using their concepts for the future levels to come.

1806, 2020

Settings Window

The new settings window is now working, and looking better than ever! Players now have the option to edit the master volume, graphic quality, and level editor theme (dark or light) all in one location.

WebGL games struggle to maintain 60 FPS in fullscreen, so I added an option to lower the pixel resolution. The lowest quality is awful to look at, but runs great. See the comparison below:

1706, 2020

New Home Page

The home page is coming along nicely. I really like the simplicity and, color palette (white, black & pink), and I want to spread that throughout the game and it’s features.

As the game begins to mature, I will likely add a background animation to match the gameplay backgrounds.

I also reworked the dialog library (custom built) to handle any basic HTML input types. This update makes it possible to include settings such as sliders (range) in addition to text and buttons.

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