1708, 2020

Rethinking the Shop

The skin shop has been available for over a month, and the results are in: nobody wants to buy skins LOL. With over 10,000 active users, I need to learn what the community really wants.

If you didn’t know, game development costs time and money. To compensate for this investment, I added skins as a way to pay myself back and continue development. The skins are fun and quirky, but I have to admit they are generic at best. As a result, nobody is purchasing skins, and that is detrimental to current and future updates.

Would adding super artistic skins with sweet effects and colors cause users to buy it? Probably not. I’ve discovered that the main audience for the Boxel series are students playing games during class, which also happen to have little-to-no expendable cash. People like to play Boxel because they are incredibly bored, and because the game is free.

I love working on this game, so I’ll continue to find ways to help fund this game. Until I find a solution, I will likely make the game 100% free, and let Google host it as an extension as a trophy project.

2807, 2020

Gravity Cube Prototype

What goes down must come back up! With the new gravity cube, that almost makes sense. To solve this problem, I called my younger brother, who happens to be an mechanical engineer at GORE. I’ll reference his skills later in the post.

I thought it would be fun to let the player control the world gravity, but I wasn’t sure how to do this. I did more research on the game’s 2D engine MatterJS, and discovered that the world gravity vector can easily be updated. If you change the gravity “x” value from zero to 1.0, you will slide to the right, and if you set it to -1.0, you will slide left. With this option, I could change the gravitation direction based on the angle of the cube… but that was going to require math. Thankfully I had a mathematician available.

For the nerdy, here is the solution my brother found:

var pi = Math.PI;
var degrees = -angle * (180/pi);
var x = Math.cos((90 - degrees) * (pi / 180));
var y = Math.sin((90 - degrees) * (pi / 180));

This allows the world gravity to inherit the angle of the cube, that’s pretty neat hu?!

2607, 2020

New Backup and Restoring Option

In the latest version of Boxel 3D (v0.1.8), users can now backup and restore all data to their account. This allows users to seamlessly backup all their data (scores, settings, levels, licenses etc.) and restore them on any compatible platform (ex: Google Chrome extension).

Simply select the “account” icon on the home screen, and choose “backup” or “restore” to begin syncing your data. If you are logged into the web version, your account is automatically signed in, and ready to be updated.

Our next goal is to allow users to upload individual levels to the server for others to play. This should give users more power to share their creativity to everyone.

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