1307, 2020


The first batch of shortcuts are now in the game. You can now restart the level by pressing “R”, automatically play the next level by pressing “Space”, and return to a previous screen by pressing “ESC”.

Once upon a time, I use to work as a web developer that specialized in “accessibility”. The bulk of my job was to protect websites from accessibility lawsuits for brick-and-mortar restaurants. Long story short, I learned the importance to making technology accessible from all devices, which is one of my biggest goals for launching Boxel 3D.

1107, 2020

Skin Shop Now Live

The skin shop is now live! Purchase your license today and keep it for life!

1007, 2020

The Shop Progress

The shop is finally connected to the game! I have lots of testing to do before making it public, but I’d like to share how it works before going live.

To unlock a skin, simply purchase the skin, and you will receive your license key via email (you can also find it by logging in to your account). Keys have no expiration date, and can be used an unlimited amount of times.

Copy the key, and select the “download” icon to submit your key. Your skin will automatically activate, and you can begin jumping through levels in style.

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