907, 2020


Today, I originally set out to implement the shop and skin system, but was distracted by a feature I’ve been meaning to add.

Prior to today’s update (v0.0.8), cubes would clip into each other, causing this weird effect when both “z” values were the same (which all of them are 16). Level builders can now choose between 4, 8, 12, AND 16, which adds and extra layer of detail to level designs.

707, 2020

Sharing is Caring

One of the most important features has been added today: level sharing! Players can now share or download level files (.json format).

I will eventually add an option to share and manage levels online. In Boxel Rebound, levels were uploaded to a server without any relation to the creator. At the time, this was the easiest solution, but it prevented people from gaining reputation. The proper way would be to associate an account with each level, and allow the user to manage their own levels (edit, delete, promote etc.)

While I work on an online solution, enjoy the wonders of manually sending files LOL.

607, 2020

Need for Speedometer

Wanted to share this post real quick. Thanks to kapitanleutnant, the time format now reads correctly as ##.###, which makes it easier to read as seconds + milliseconds rather than minutes + seconds.

In addition, I added a basic speedometer thanks to PaperMonkeys. He works on awesome sleepers, so you should check him out if you’re into racing.

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