607, 2020

A New Background

Out of desperation to move the project forward, I jokingly placed a “space” background I found on a website, and instantly fell in love with the concept. I decided to whip out Photoshop and paint my own version of the background. It’s not as cool as the original photo I found, but I absolutely love how it turned out. The colors match the new lighting system perfectly, and the game kinda looks cool now.

For the past few months, I’ve been exploring new ways to make Boxel 3D feel bigger, while maintaining the same art direction as the previous two games. I figured I could get away with a basic “gradient” background, but it ultimately made the world feel void of interest. I experimented with all sorts of 3D blocks and moving objects, but it just made the background more distracting.

407, 2020

Let there be Light

Before development began, I spent a great deal of research looking for the best 3D engine for web. A library called “Three.js” was my first and final choice. This amazing library handles all the basic needs for 3D game development without the cost of file size. Built with OpenGL, ThreeJS gives me the option to add complex geometries, lights, shadows, sounds and so much more.

Today’s update utilizes the lighting library, and it is super fun to play with. Check out the video demonstrating “point” lighting throughout the world.

407, 2020

New Record!

Are you tired of playing the same levels without your record saving?! I sure was, so I added a score saving feature to the game. This also works for custom levels, so be sure to name your levels with a unique set of characters.

This new feature will be included in v0.0.3. Be sure to refresh your browser a few times if it is not saving your record.

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