207, 2020

Alpha Now Live

Boxel 3D is officially in alpha development! The game is finally ready for your amazing feedback, and I am so excited to hear what you say.


  • 10 levels
  • 8 block types
  • 3D Level Editor
107, 2020

Friction Option

Before adding the “friction” option, objects in motion would slide around with zero friction. This default behavior would be problematic for players who like to build interactive levels (ex: buildings that collapse, walls that topple over, doors that slide etc.)

To solve this issue, I added an option that allows the player to increase the movable object’s  friction value. The more friction, the less “slippery” behavior.


  • Added friction slider
  • Added history description
  • Refactored outdated functions
  • Fixed player replacement exploit
3006, 2020

Duplicate and Replace

As I design new levels, I often find limitations to the level editor that slow me down. During today’s editing, I was really craving a “duplicate block” feature, and decided to make it. In addition, I really wanted to quickly swap blocks without having to drag and replace, so I added that option too. Simply click the block, and select a new block type on the left (see video for an example)


  • Added level 6
  • Added object duplication (level editor)
  • Added object replacement (level editor)

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