Alpha has been out for almost a month, and you guys have already played the crap out of it. Thank you so much for the amazing feedback, and recommendations. Please continue to share your ideas, I read every one of your comments!

For the past few weeks, I have been focusing my attention on the Chrome extension release of Boxel 3D. There are many reasons why I find it important to utilize this platform for development:

  1. Offline play – No internet required to play
  2. Instant loading – Assets are packaged when you first install the extension
  3. Easy to hide from teachers (according to the 500,000+ active Boxel Rebound players LOL)
  4. Performance boost – the lower the resolution, the better the FPS

I was hesitant to revisit the Chrome web store as a gaming platform because of the lengthy approval process (7+ days), but I discovered that I can greatly reduce the approval process by completely removing the permissions.

If all goes well, ya’ll might be able to play the extension version early August.