Boxel 3D v0.3.0 introduces a new feature called “Chrome Storage”, which allows users to save their data to their Google account rather than their “Boxel 3D” account. As mentioned in the previous blog entry, the cost of time & money is encouraging me to relocate hosting to Google’s free services.

To help offset these costs, I decided to place a the following features behind a paywall:

  • Save Data (Scores, Levels, etc.)
  • Unlock 24+ Player Skins
  • Unlimited Custom Levels

This is a similar model to Boxel Rebound’s “Pro” features, and seems to be the most effective way to fund the game. Free users still get to play all levels for free.

After switching everything to Chrome, I discovered that Google “temporarily” disabled the creation of IAP’s (In App Purchases), which completely ruined my plan to monetize the game.

What is next? In version 0.3.0, everyone will be given a “tester” license, which unlocks all features mentioned above. If Google ever lets me create IAPs, I will activate the premium features, and anybody can backup their data, and upgrade to Pro at any time.