The skin shop has been available for over a month, and the results are in: nobody wants to buy skins LOL. With over 10,000 active users, I need to learn what the community really wants.

If you didn’t know, game development costs time and money. To compensate for this investment, I added skins as a way to pay myself back and continue development. The skins are fun and quirky, but I have to admit they are generic at best. As a result, nobody is purchasing skins, and that is detrimental to current and future updates.

Would adding super artistic skins with sweet effects and colors cause users to buy it? Probably not. I’ve discovered that the main audience for the Boxel series are students playing games during class, which also happen to have little-to-no expendable cash. People like to play Boxel because they are incredibly bored, and because the game is free.

I love working on this game, so I’ll continue to find ways to help fund this game. Until I find a solution, I will likely make the game 100% free, and let Google host it as an extension as a trophy project.